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I can provide a knowledge base on adult learning/education emerging from a deep understanding of adult education and lifelong learning in an international context. I can tailor this knowledge to a broad range of adults in diverse learning environments.

Retirement programs/workshops

I can provide advice/programs for people thinking about retiring from the paid workforce or who are already “in retirement”

How can I help?

Individuals – One to one advice co across the on pre retirement issues

Small groups – Experiential workshops on pre-retirement considerations

Organisations – Experiential workshops for potential retirees from any sector; workshops for specific occupational/professional groups

Some questions you may consider:

  • What is the “right time” to retire?
  • What are the practical matters to be considered?
  • What is to be gained and lost in the transition to retirement?
  • How can I replace the value of paid work in my life?

Learn about


My preference is to meet with prospective clients and listen to their learning needs before developing a bespoke program.

I can provide workshops in the following areas on request

Preparing for retirement – maximizing your expertise

Learning during retirement (the later years)

Program development for adults (design; implementation; evaluation)

Workplace learning and building on human potential

Inter-generational learning/education: benefits and barriers

Converting lifelong learning policy into practice

Adult learning and active ageing: inter-connections

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