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For students of Post-compulsory education (University, polytechnic; Private Training Establishments (PTEs))

As a former professor of adult education, I am a confident researcher and evaluator in this field.

I have supervised many education students to successful completion of Master’s and PhD theses and I have worked as an external examiner/assessor for universities around the world.

I can help students doing research and/or advanced studies in the social sciences (e.g. education; health; psychology; sociology) to improve the quality of outputs (e.g. essays; oral/written presentations. This can be face-to-face or via zoom. Assistance with planning, writing and editing is available.

Specifically. I can help you to undertake any of the following:

  • Interpreting what is required to respond to an assignment task
  • Constructing a logical argument to respond to an assignment
  • Developing a sensible structure for a written assignment
  • Research design, implementation and/or evaluation
  • Editing an essay or written assignment
  • Editing written work you are ready to submit

For Policy developers.

I am available to either build for effective adult learning and/or to critique plans for development. I have familiarity with lifelong learning policy at local, institutional and governmental levels.


The first step in my working with you is to contact me to begin a conversation.

64 (0)21 0819 5972

retirement learning


My special interest and expertise internationally (see publications) is in the arena of older adult learning/education.

I have worked on contract with the Seoul 50+ Foundation in South Korea and the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan as a teacher, researcher and counsellor.

The topic of retirement remains “hot” and I have a special interest in developing programs for organizations to conduct and/or to provide workshops on my own accord.

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