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I have worked in New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Asia in a variety of roles including presenter (lectures, workshops), researcher, author, teacher, program planner, manager, evaluator, policy-maker and supervisor of higher education students.

I can provide advice to individuals, groups and organizations on what effective learning/teaching looks like and help people to achieve their learning goals.

While I have an international reputation in learning in later life, I can provide consultancy for any adult(s) beyond compulsory schooling.

Later Life Learning

As a previous professor of adult education in universities (University of Glasgow, 2004-2008; University of Waikato, 2008-2019), I have developed a strong interest in how adults learn (and barriers they commonly face), why some groups in society participate more readily than others in mainstream education and how policies at agency and Governmental levels work out in practice.

My special interest in later life learning connects with international trends in ageing and learning and how organizations whose mission closely links to the learning aspirations of older people can more effectively engage with seniors through education programs.

Benefits from my work can operate at multiple levels.

For individuals, how to more convincingly engage with learning/education; for groups, how to work more effectively inside and outside their mission; for agencies, whether in the workplace or in a social services role, how to encourage adults to engage across generations (intergenerational learning) for greater effectiveness.

Finally, at a societal level, how to create and/or critique public policy that affects the learning/education of (older) adults.


What I can provide for you


I can provide a knowledge base on adult learning/education 


I have accumulated extensive resources from national and international studies.

Much of this content can be modified for specific purposes and different contexts


My preference is to meet with prospective clients and listen to their learning needs before developing a bespoke workshop program

Why Me?

I can provide expertise in adult learning and lifelong education based on many years of university study, teaching and research in New Zealand and internationally.

I have undertaken professional development (study leave) in the UK (University of Warwick; Surrey University; University of Stirling, Leicester University), the USA (University of Georgia, Athens) and, more recently, as a Visiting Scholar at the National Chung Cheng University in Chiayi, Taiwan.

I am an active member of several international networks, especially those concerned with later life learning. I have presented at numerous conferences in adult education/lifelong learning in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia.

I specialize in later life learning as a teacher, author and researcher. From May 2022 I have volunteered as Chair of the Age Friendly Hamilton Steering Group.

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